Hardware & Software Tools
For Your Next Project

From turnkey solutions to integrated custom systems, Compunix develops hardware and software tools for a broad range of applications and platforms.

  • Internet Of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Flexible embedded systems
  • Automated testing tools
  • Smart device design

Custom Embedded Systems Design

Start with our flexible base of CED™ hardware and software components for fast, cost-effective product development, or let us develop a fully-custom embedded system to your specs from the ground up.

From automation and software to seamless graphic user interfaces, take the guess work out of embedded functionality with a custom designed system. Regardless of the size or special needs of your project, we're commited to helping you find the best solution.

Texas Instruments & Atmel Technology Specialists

(Tiva, SimpleLink, AVR32, ARM, AVR) MCUs and more - we specialize in developing embedded systems for the superior performance and connectivity of TI and Atmel microcontroller platforms. Security, energy efficiency, intuitive user interfaces and networking are built into every project from the start.

Development Platforms & Technologies

  • Languages: C, C++, C#, Assembly
  • Protocols: MODBUS, TCP/IP (lwIP), SDI-12, 802.15.4 - ZigBee, RF4CE, SNAPpy
  • Interfaces: USB, TWI(I2C), SPI, Ethernet, 802.15.4 radio, RS232, RS485, 1-Wire, CAN
  • Devices: DataFlash, Accelerometer’s, LCD’s, OLED’s, EEPROM’s, NAND Flash, Touch Screen Controller, ADC, Wireless Sensors
  • O/S: Win32, WinCE, FreeRTOS, TI_RTOS
  • Development Platforms: TI Code Composer Studio, MS Visual Studio (C, C++, C#.Net), Compuware Driver Studio, Windows CE Platform builder, Atmel AVR32 Studio and AVR Studio, FreeRTOS, LwIP stack, IAR Embedded Workbench (AVR8, AVR32, I8051) and Visual State, Microchip MPLAB , Zilog Developer Studio
  • Hardware Platforms: TI (Tiva ARM, SimpleLink ARM), Atmel (AVR32, AVR8, AT91), Microchip (PIC16F, PIC24F, PIC32), Freescale i.MX35 (WinCE), Silicon Labs (C8051F), Zilog (Z8, eZ80, Z80), Hitachi (H8S, H8Tiny, SH3, SH4), PC (Win32, eXP, WinCE), ARM (WinCE),
  • HW Design: DipTrace(PCB), Eagle (PCB), Protel (PCB), Alibre (Mechanical)

Automated Test Solutions

Accelerate Product Development

Compunix offers a comprehensive solution for automated functional test for smart devices. Solution packages can include universal fixture kits, turnkey fixture design and manufacturing services, CED_Tester™ control application, test controller/modules and CED_Framework library supporting test functionality for the custom firmware.

CEDFramework™ includes utilities, functional blocks & functions based on TI-RTOS and FreeRTOS to create applications on TI's ARM and Atmel’s AVR32 or ARM MCUs devices. Created for the Compunix CEDManager© software suite, it supports custom state machine for the device, remote configuration, firmware updates & troubleshooting, as well as automated functional test support.

Compunix test fixture Test fixtures can accept interchangeable interior components.

Tester Software Suite

CEDTester™ software & hardware modules control automated production tests or accelerated stress tests.

Tester controller app runs on a standard PC connected to a Device Under the Test (DUT), a Reference Device (RD) and Test Controller (TC) via USB, serial bus or LAN, running the test script, collecting results & creating reports.

Test Script Editor App creates and edits the test scripts

CEDFramework™ library supports test functionality and runs on all components as DUT, RD and TC.

C.E.D. Seamlessly-Integrated Software Tools

CED software tools compunix-screenshots

Design, Configuration, Debugging & Testing

From project design and testing to manufacturing and deployment, the Compunix CEDManager® software suite (management software allowing for monitoring, diagnostics and control of embedded devices) includes a complete set of development tools to launch your projects toward success.

User-friendly graphic interface, state machine, MODBUS® configuration for smart device based on 32-bit TI's ARM and Atmel's AVR/ARM platforms, with CED_Framework firmware library and for Windows PC and WinCE PC with CED_View, along with an app for debug message capture, firmware field updates and monitoring. CEDTester™ then drives the production test process.

C.E.D. Smart Devices

smart devices

The Compunix Embedded Devices (CED™) platform is a set of software and hardware tools and products designed to accelerate the product development cycle for a variety of smart devices - optimizing both manufacturing and deployment.